5 uses cases AI and Blockchain, Crypto works together

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Since last year, the use of AI based on large language models has gained considerable momentum. The popularity of AI and large language models seems to surpass that of Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto in recent years. In fact, according to Google trends, technical terms like "Web3" and "Blockchain" have not received as much attention from the general public compared to "crypto" and "AI".


As a decentralized application platform, ArcBlock has dedicated resources to the development of artificial intelligence (AI) since last year. We have introduced AI Kit as a reusable component for the entire ArcBlock ecosystem. Furthermore, we have increased our investment in AI this year. As a result, almost every blocklet on our platform now supports AI capabilities by integrating with AI Kit. Additionally, we are currently developing AIGNE, a no-code AI builder that allows anyone to easily create AI applications. These applications will function on the ArcBlock platform and seamlessly integrate with other apps.

We work on AI not just because it's a trend, but because we anticipate numerous use cases and believe it would be a perfect fit for decentralized apps, DIDs, and blockchains.

Yesterday, OpenAI's developer conference announced several improvements. This news came as a shock to the industry, and I noticed that many people are now feeling frustrated because OpenAI is encroaching on some startup territories. Additionally, individuals from the web3 world are uncertain about how AI and LLM (Language Model) can be beneficial to crypto and blockchain. These two technologies seem to be quite distinct, with one emphasizing accuracy and numbers, while the other focuses more on language and lacks accuracy as its advantage. The question arises: how can they collaborate effectively?

Here, I would like to share 5 ideas where AI and Blockchain, Crypto work together perfectly. We are already looking into building them into the ArcBlock platform. We expect developers to come work with us or get inspired by those ideas. The possibilities are infinite!

  1. A block explorer powered by a large language model, making it easy for everyone to understand what occurred on the blockchain.

Blockchain explorers assist users in comprehending the events that occurred on the blockchain. However, only expert users can understand certain data presented on these explorers. By utilizing a large language model AI and incorporating specialized blockchain knowledge, AI can elucidate the meaning of blockchain transactions to users. Furthermore, it can delve deeper into related transactions and aid users in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the blockchain.

We are excited to include this feature in ArcBlock's universal block explorer. However, currently, we do not have the resources to work on it. If any developers are interested in this, we would be more than happy to collaborate and provide assistance.

  1. AI powered crypto wallet, audit blockchain transactions with AI before user approve them.

A large number of users do not comprehend the implications of their crypto wallet when they sign up, as the transaction and data presented on current wallets are insufficiently comprehensive. Attackers and malicious individuals make significant efforts to conceal their intentions from users, resulting in the loss of numerous assets simply because users fail to understand these transactions. However, with a large language model AI-powered wallet, transactions can be audited by the AI and explained to users before they finalize them. This has the potential to greatly enhance security.

We are planning to include AI support in our DID Wallet in the near future. Stay tuned, as you will soon have a more intelligent digital wallet that will provide enhanced security and improved user experiences.

  1. AIGC(AI Generative Content) for NFT projects

This is probably the easiest way to use AIGC in cryptocurrency projects, and we have created several AIGC NFTs using our NFT Studio this year! NFT Studio is the most convenient platform for creating, minting, reselling, and marketing NFTs in the market. Our NFT Studio supports not only ArcBlock but also Ethereum and any Ethereum compatible blockchains. For example, the latest support we added was BaseChain from Coinbase.

With the latest OpenAI's Dall-E 3 API support, our NFT Studio will get even better. With the integration of OpenAI's Dall-E 3 API, our NFT Studio will experience significant enhancements, allowing for more creative and unique artwork generation. This advanced technology will empower artists to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of digital art, making our studio a hub for innovative NFT creations.

  1. Large Language Model assisted project due diligence and research

DYOR (Do Your Own Research) is always important when participating in any crypto or blockchain project. A large language model (LLM) project can be very helpful in assisting you with researching and conducting due diligence for both new and existing crypto projects.

By utilizing a large language model (LLM) tool, you can efficiently analyze the documents and technology associated with crypto projects. Moreover, the LLM can assist in gauging the sentiment expressed on social media platforms, providing valuable insights for your due diligence. Remember, DYOR (Do Your Own Research) remains crucial in navigating the crypto and blockchain space.

  1. Use Large Language Model powered crypto trade copilot

A large language model-based application is also useful for understanding crypto trading, helping you analyze data and charts, providing advice on your crypto trades, and allowing you to take notes on each trade. It can later analyze your trading behaviors, ultimately helping you develop your own principles and trading discipline.

By leveraging a large language model-based application, you can gain valuable insights into crypto trading. It assists in data analysis and chart interpretation, offering guidance for your trades. Additionally, it enables you to document your trades, allowing for later analysis of your trading patterns, aiding in the development of personalized trading principles and discipline.


These are just 5 ideas in my mind that I would like to share. Hopefully, this will give you inspiration to find your own idea on how to use large language models and AI to enhance the blockchain and crypto experiences. Exploring the potential of large language models and AI in the blockchain and crypto space can lead to exciting innovations. From creating smart contract templates to developing AI-powered trading bots, the possibilities are vast. Embrace these ideas as a starting point and let your imagination shape the future of this dynamic industry.

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