Follow-up: Evaluate the artistic ability of Dall-E 3 in creating Chinese poetry.

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8 months ago, I compared the text generation abilities of AIGC tools Dall E2 and Mid Journey. I intentionally challenged them with ancient poetry. At that time, my judgment was that Dall E was more suitable, although the quality of the generated images was slightly lower, it had a better understanding of the prompt.

“枯藤 老树 昏鸦” 看AIGC如何画
用马致远这首诗来让AIGC画画看。 这首诗的中文意境特别美,读诗的时候就相当于让人脑来响应词句构画出场景,这点我觉得特别适合考验AIGC。 天净沙·秋思作者:马致远 年代:元枯藤老树昏鸦,  小桥流水人家,   古道西风瘦马。   夕阳西下,  断肠人在天涯。结果令人惊讶,我觉得 Dall E 完胜
用更多中文诗歌来考验 Dall E
更多诗歌考验 Dall E。 MJ 出的图我就不放了,实在上不了台面,属于“没有文化”的 😊。“日照香炉生紫烟,遥看瀑布挂前川。飞流直下三千尺,疑是银河落九天”远上寒山石径斜,白云生处有人家;停车坐爱枫林晚,霜叶红于二月花。题图为这首诗的水墨画版本,也非常赞。 👍去年今日此门中,人面桃花相映红,

Furthermore, I also evaluated which AIGC engine to use in our product, and ultimately chose to use Dall-E.

AIGC 文章插图用 Midjourney 还是 Dall-E? 一个实验比较
这是一个实验,用 Midjourney 来替代目前我们AIKit内置的 Dall-E 来用相同的prompt产生文章插图。我们的Discuss Kit 对AI Kit 的支持有一个有趣的新特性: 在写文章的时候,能通过 AIGC 来直接产生需要的配图,目前还在实验阶段,但是感兴趣的同学可以尝试了。

Now Dall-E 3 is out (currently still need to obtain it through Microsoft's Bing, but it is expected to be integrated through API in October, so that ArcBlock's products can also be fully upgraded to support Dall-E 3), let's test it again.

Not surprised, directly translating the whole poem is still not feasible. It is evident that Bing translates into English first and then generates the image.


But with some better pre-processing tips, the resulting effect is quite stunning.


Prompt:A withered vine, an old tree, a cawing crow, a small bridge, the flowing water, and a lonely cottage home of a small village, sunset, . Chinese classical painting.


Prompt: A man, a horse, a long narrow path, desolate, rugged, windswept, lonely, melancholy, despondent, sunset, Chinese classical painting.

If the two prompts are combined, the output is:


I think this one is the most appropriate.


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