The relationship between my personal website and company website.

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I feel it is necessary to clarify the relationship between my personal website and the company's website. The explanation here actually applies to the relationship between my own social media accounts and the company's accounts as well.

Without a doubt, as my personal website, the opinions and statements expressed within it are my own and do not represent the company I am affiliated with, even if I founded and hold management responsibilities within those companies. Nowadays, social media is starting to blur the boundaries between founders, company managers, and the official voice of the company. I believe this is not ideal, and adopting separate personal and company websites could provide better differentiation. Perhaps it is a better choice.

The topics discussed on my personal website may go beyond the content of the company's website, as I may express many viewpoints outside of the company here. Therefore, on my personal website, you can learn more about my personal opinions on technology, industry, and of course, some views on company products. On my personal website, I can speak more freely, but it is important to note that this does not represent the views of my company. I will also discuss topics related to my personal life and interests, such as my opinions on digital products I like, my experiments with new technologies, and some insights and experiences in entrepreneurship, and so on.

My personal website is created using the company's technology and products. Our "eat own dogfood" principle always makes me the first to install and use our own products, even if these products are not yet perfect. Therefore, on my website, you can indeed see the appearance of our products several months in advance. Of course, because these products have not been released, some may not be released, and some may undergo significant changes. Any final officially released products and plans should be based on the company's website. Due to the adoption of new technology and products, my personal website may occasionally encounter some problems, so do not expect it to be very stable. Its instability is an expected norm.

Why do I want to create a paid reader's club? On one hand, this is to test the need for our payment product -- Payment Kit. On the other hand, I believe that the future creator economy will further develop, especially when AI technology becomes more widespread. The paid reader's club is a preparation for the further arrival of the creator economy. Will there be any secrets revealed in my reader's club? Especially regarding coin prices, "entry of big capital," or other insider information that people in crypto communities are concerned about... Of course not, the reader's club will not disclose any trade secrets in advance or anything that violates business norms.

Our goal at ArcBlock is to continuously lower the barriers to software development. By lowering these barriers, creative individuals can more easily focus on their expertise instead of being busy with trivial details. This is how innovative applications can experience explosive growth. The purpose of the ArcBlock platform is to promote the growth of applications, whether they are blockchain applications, decentralized applications, or applications unrelated to blockchain and decentralization. However, our platform's support for decentralized applications and blockchain is an advantage. Therefore, I believe that most applications that adopt ArcBlock will experience the advantages of decentralization without sacrificing user experience.

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