First Experience with OpenAI's GPT

Robert’s MetaMask

Got the beta version of GPT builder feature from OpenAI, so I decided to try it out immediately.


I saw a neat trick on Twitter, which is to fill out the Builder profile in my ChatGPT settings, and then I could quickly gain access to the beta version.


Note: Here are 3 GPTs that I use for testing purposes. Some prompts come from other open-source projects, some are shared by the community, and some are simplifications of prompts used in projects I have participated in. If someone believes that these prompts might be their original work and they do not want me to use them here, please leave me a message to take them down.

Virtual girlfriend

ChatGPT - Rika - your virtual girl friend
Originally from RisuAI, covert to GPT for test purpose only.

Screenshot of the conversation, it's so great to be able to have unlimited conversations with such a gentle and considerate virtual girlfriend! 😂


Dream Master

This is a minimalist version of dream interpretation, with only two lines of prompts. Inspired by a project I participated in, which involved many professional elements that are currently difficult to achieve with GPT. However, using GPTs, one can easily implement a certain function in a small corner within 5 minutes, and it even appears quite serious.

ChatGPT - 解梦大师

Interactive game: I'm surrounded by sisters

This is a ChatGPT prompt that's been circulating in a community, and you can directly use it with GPT. In fact, almost all past ChatGPT prompts can be used in GPT without any modifications.

This game has a bit of a turn-based taste, but it was quickly completed.

ChatGPT - 游戏:我被姐姐包围啦~

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