Would you like to join my paid readers' club?

Robert’s MetaMask

As a dogfood for our upcoming Payment Kit, I will open a paid reader's club on my personal website. For readers who have ABT, I plan to charge a symbolic 1 ABT per month, with a discounted rate of 10 ABT per year for a 12-month subscription. For readers without ABT, you can pay with a credit card at USD 10 per month, and the subscription can be canceled at any time.

My articles will mostly be turned into paid content that can only be read by subscribers, but there will also be a portion of articles available for public reading. Only club members can comment and participate in discussions. I will gradually try more interesting new ways to engage club members. However, regardless, this club is primarily a test and a tool to filter out unrelated individuals, so do not expect to receive insider information or anything of that sort in this club.

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