What is Programatic Augmented Generation (PAG)?

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What is PAG? It is an acronym that I just created. 😂

I tried using ChatGPT to explain this and the difference between it and RAG, and the results were very satisfactory. 😂

As of my last update in January 2022, "Retrieval Augmented Generation" (RAG) was a known term, but "Programatic Augmented Generation" (PAG) wasn't something I was aware of. Let me provide a brief overview of RAG and then speculate on what PAG might mean based on its name:

**Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG):**

RAG refers to a method that combines the powers of large-scale retrieval systems with sequence-to-sequence models. In the context of models like OpenAI's GPT series or BERT, RAG works by first retrieving relevant documents or passages from a large corpus and then using those retrieved passages to inform the generation of a response. This method enables the model to pull in external knowledge that might not be present in its pre-trained parameters, making it especially useful for question-answering tasks where the answer might be in a specific document or passage.

**Programatic Augmented Generation (PAG):**

Given that I don't have specific knowledge of this term, I can only speculate based on its name. "Programatic Augmented Generation" suggests a generation method that is augmented or enhanced using programmatic or algorithmic techniques. Here are a few possibilities:

1. **Dynamic Programming Integration:** PAG might involve the integration of traditional programming logic or algorithms with neural network-based generation. For instance, certain responses might be guided or constrained by algorithmic logic to ensure accuracy or compliance with specific rules.

2. **User-Guided Generation:** PAG could refer to a system where the user provides programmatic constraints or rules that guide the model's output. For example, a user might provide a set of conditions or a script that the model must follow when generating text.

3. **Automated Workflow Integration:** PAG might involve the model triggering or interacting with external systems, databases, or APIs based on its generated outputs, creating an automated workflow that's enhanced by AI-driven decisions.

4. **Interactivity and Feedback Loops:** PAG could also imply a more interactive generation method, where the model's outputs are iteratively refined based on real-time feedback, perhaps from users or other systems.

Without more specific information or context about "Programatic Augmented Generation," these are just educated guesses. If it's a term that has become popular after 2022, I recommend consulting recent literature or experts in the field for a more accurate and detailed explanation.

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