SkyFi: High-precision satellite imagery service available to anyone.

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It has been possible to command a satellite to take high-precision maps for several decades now. I remember in 2001, during the collision between China and the US over the South China Sea, I saw on the internet a high-precision map taken by a civilian satellite company to showcase their capabilities. It showed the scene of the military aircraft being struck at Hainan Lingshui Airport.


But recently, I saw this SkyFi service simplifying the service even more, turning it into a service that is almost like a consumer application.

Commercial High Resolution Satellite Imagery and Video | SkyFi
SkyFi makes high-resolution Earth observation data and analytics easily accessible for a range of remote sensing applications. Make smarter decisions faster with a near live satellite view of what’s happening on the ground.

On the website, you can freely go to any place on Earth that interests you, select an area, and then have satellites take photos to obtain high-precision maps. Here is an example: the minimum area is 25 square kilometers, and for $175, you can have a satellite take a photo when it passes by in the next few weeks. If you need it urgently, you can also add $350 to make the satellite fly over and take the photo.


Perhaps it is of no use to most people, but it is a very interesting service that allows one to experience the development of technology in recent years.

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