M45 / Pleiades Star Cluster

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I happened to see a friend asking in the circle of friends what the 'shiny star cluster that looks like a bunch of lollipops' in the sky is. From the photo, I immediately guessed that it might be the 'Pleiades Star Cluster', also known as the 'Seven Sisters' in China, referred to as M45 in astronomy.

I really like the Spacewalk app, it's also a must-have app on my phone. They have a detailed introduction on their website:

昴宿星团中可以看到多少颗恒星?💫 大多数观星者只能看到六个,请了解如何发现更多!

And this cannot but remind people of the masterpiece 'Subaru' by the recently deceased Japanese musician Shinji Tanimura a few days ago (October 16th):

Close my eyes and see nothing
Sadly, when I open my eyes
There is nothing else to see from the road leading to the wilderness
Ah, shattered
Stars of destiny
At least, quietly
Illuminate this body
I will go, with pale cheeks
I will go, farewell to Subaru
If I take a breath, in my chest
Silence continues to bark
Yet my heart is hot
Continuously pursuing dreams
Ah, bustling
Nameless stars
At least, brightly
Put an end to that body
I will also go, as my heart commands
I will also go, farewell to Subaru
I will go, farewell to Subaru

The first version of this song I listened to was Cheng Lin's version called 'Star.' It was also the first tape recorded on my family's first cassette player, in a box of cassettes called 'Childhood's Little Rocking Cart.' This song left a deep impression on me, especially because she sang it in both Japanese and Chinese. In the 1980s, in the undeveloped countryside of China, it was like discovering a new continent.

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